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Wedding Cakes

The Original Maids of Honour have been providing Wedding Cakes to the people of Kew and Richmond for over a hundred years, and we are pleased to again be providing The Original Maids of Honour Wedding Cake Service, offering bespoke & traditional hand-made cakes.

Please ask to speak to the Manager on 0208 940 2752 (or email for an appointment to discuss your special requirements.

Wedding Cake photos-12

Wedding Cake photos-11

 Courtesy of Tim Hinchliffe, wedding photographer

Cascading Wedding Cup Cakes

Wedding Cake photos-06-18

Wedding Cake photos-06-20 Wedding Cake photos-06-19 Wedding Cake photos-06-17

Becky Kerr Photography

Kari Bellamy Photography

Taken at The Original Maids of Honour

The Royal Spanish wedding cake made for the queen in 1888,
part of The Original Maids of Honour History

Taken at The Original Maids of Honour 

 Wedding Cake photos-12Wedding Cake photos-11 Wedding Cake photos-13

Wedding Cake photos-14

Wedding Cake photos-15 Wedding Cake photos-16 


 Wedding Cake of Professor C.H. & Mrs. E. K. Rodeck 29/1/1971