Garden Area Now Open

We just wanted to let you know of the positive changes we have made which we hope you'll find reassuring, so here's a brief summary of new hygiene and sanitising protocols and layout of the New Sheltered Courtyard Garden & Tables out the Front of the Restaurant.

Table & Chair Positions & Service
We do our utmost to keep a safe distance when taking orders and serving your table. We wanted to reassure you that constant awareness, care and consideration goes into the number of tables and chairs and their positioning which ultimately controls the distancing. We have created a covered courtyard garden for outside.

Cleaning & Sanitising
We want to reassure you that there is regular extra cleaning and sanitising protocols in place and ongoing on in the covered courtyard garden for outside, shop & WC areas as well as in our kitchen and bakery and ancillary areas.  We sanitise every potential ‘touchpoint’ (including face) in all of our customer areas - shop service points, tables, chairs, WC’s, door handles, glass counters etc - not just regularly but after each and every use to ensure the highest possible safety levels. This ethos is continued in our kitchen and bakery areas also. We have been safely open throughout Lockdowns since March 2020 in our shop and bakery as a take-away, delivery and postal service so we are adept at enhanced hygiene protocols which go over and above legal requirements and our tailored to our specific premises and operations and risk assessments are carried out daily.

Collection & Local Delivery

Postal Courier Service

Postal Delivery for Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday on Selected Products Below

Newens The Original Maids of Honour

At Newens | The Original Maids of Honour on the Kew Road, we’ve been keeping traditional baking skills alive for over 120 years. And our history dates back even further – to Tudor times and the dainty little tarts we’re named after. Legend has it that ‘Maids of Honour’ were brought to notoriety by Henry VIII who so loved their ‘melt-in-the-mouth’ sensation, he took the recipe and kept it under lock and key at Richmond Palace! Today these delectable pastries are still served warm from our ovens – with a wide variety of other sweet and savoury treats all made by hand to traditional recipes using fresh, natural ingredients. Adjoining the shop, our dining room offers a warm welcome to visitors from near and far – for coffee and cake, high tea, a hot luncheon – whatever takes your fancy…

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Vegan Options

We are currently working on vegan recipes for our savoury and sweet counters. If you, or any of your party are vegan while we are still in the trialling stage, please call and speak to the team and we will be pleased to bring some special things forward for you to have when you visit.