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Gift Vouchers

Champagne Set Tea Voucher

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Vauban Frère’s Brut Champagne
For 1 - £45  Glass of Champagne 200ml
For 2 - £90  Glass of Champagne for 2 (200ml) each
For 3 - £135  Full Bottle of Champagne
For 4 - £160  Full Bottle of Champagne        

Tea & Filter Coffee 
Strawberries or Soft Fruits (Seasonal)
Four Chocolate Truffles
Traditional Tea-Sandwiches (5 quarters per person)
Two Scones Plain or Fruit per person
Clotted Cream (or English Butter) & Preserve
Choice from Today’s Patisserie (1 per person)

Voucher Valid for 12 Months 

The Original Maids of Honour Gift Vouchers can be spent on purchases in our Tea Rooms, Restaurant and Shop in Kew.  Please note that vouchers cannot be redeemed against purchases via our website or mail order service.