Descriptions of Tea

06 December, 2016


English Breakfast Blend A distinctive and superior tea, with a bright clear colour,medium strength and an invigorating flavour.

 Decaffeinated English Breakfast Finest small leaf Ceylon tea, with most of the caffeine removed. A mellow and rounded flavour.

 Afternoon B.O.P. Blend Finest Broken Orange Pekoe teas, blended for exceptional taste and character.

 Darjeeling & Assam B.O.P. Blend A finely balanced blend of Assam's rich pungency with Darjeeling's light delicacy.

 Darjeeling T.G.B.O.P. An exceptional tea, this Flowery Orange Pekoe has an exquisite bouquet. The 'Champagne' of teas.

 Ceylon Orange Pekoe From the western slopes of Sri Lanka, this O.P. tea has a light appearance and a delicate flavour.

 Special Leaf Earl Grey: Finest Black tea with added green leaf and oil of Bergamot. A lighter liquoring Earl Grey.

 Decaffeinated Earl Grey A fine example of a famous blend – decaffeinated.

 Lapsang Souchong A China  tea with a distinctive smoky taste and aroma. Best appreciated without milk.

 Indian Spiced Chai Finest quality Assam FOP tea blended with exotic and aromatic spices for a rich, vibrant and full-flavoured infusion.

 Nepalese Himalayan Tea A high grown tea from Nepal, with a brisk and rounded flavour and a bright liquor. 

Cream Deluxe Adjustable Apron with 2 Pockets SPECIAL OFFER :- Was £10 now reduced to £5

Cream Deluxe Adjustable Apron with 2 Pockets SPECIAL OFFER :- Was £10 reduced to £5

A delux Cream (natural) apron with ties, adjustable neck and 2 pockets on the front.

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